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"All cruelty springs from weakness." - Seneca

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  • ersatz_read@livejournal.com
Ersatz_read is currently my primary online persona. Rhymes with 'bread', not 'bead'.
(Ersatzbrot - "replacement bread" - was given to POWs during WWII, and was made with low-grade ingredients plus extenders such as sawdust.)

Who am I?
I cling to a house and a bit of land in the middle of the USA, a semi-socialist mostly-atheist with bad lawn hygiene and two over-indulged cats.
I've lived many places within the country but so far have rarely traveled outside it.
I garden, with much experimentation and mixed success. I cook, with much experimentation and mixed success.

In high school, I was all about double-majoring in linguistics and paleoanthropology;
but I left college with 3 years of physics and a Master's in math.
Now I earn a living in IT, building on an ability to understand (and get along with) both geek and business.

Who am I really?
I try hard to be open-minded and non-judgemental, and you should call me on it when I'm not.
I see the world as a cloud of options and statistical likelihoods, with few certainties, and I feel there's something inherently beautiful about the general confusion of it all.
I can hold my own in a physical fight but aspire to never need to win one.
I have high self-esteem but think there's a lot of work to be done yet.
I get cranky when I don't write.

I occasionally describe myself as a pedantic iconoclast.
It would please me to someday be described as a true polymath.

If you want to friend me, that's cool. If not, that's cool too.

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