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comfort plants

In other news, I've been self-medicating by buying plants, thinking about seeds, and planning spring projects.

From Prairie Moon, I ordered a 38-plug tray of new jersey tea, shrubby st. john's wort, and late figwort.
From Edible Landscaping, 4 small pawpaws, to go under/near the pears.
From Stark, 2 Whitney crabapples and 2 hardy apricots.
I've never ordered from any of those places before, but I think will be ok.

Mom's mincemeat recipe asks for the juice from a jar of pickled Whitney crabapples.  (And yes, I also have the pickle recipe.)

The last couple of days were sleety but now it's once again sunny and above freezing.  I continue to feel like I should be starting seeds already, and planning for the growing season to start early.
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