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There has been yelling and crying at work (so far, just yelling from me).  The re-org could only even marginally work if we added people...but after the re-org the managers got the word that none of the promised people would be added.  Then one teammate left - a very reasonable response, since they had re-orged away all of his most interesting work and effectively demoted him, even though he's one of the best people on the team.
Bosses were caught off-guard by the lack of people and don't know how to re-re-org.  And newBoss and idiotBoss are way not on the same page about where to go.  The result being that we're all frustrated and overworked and almost completely without direction.  I did have a good talk with newBoss, and wrote up some stuff for him that might help a tiny bit, and reiterated that if they don't get their shit&message together immediately, they will lose more people.
The main project I'm on is mostly not falling apart now.  But I just picked up two more projects that seem determined to ruin themselves - I have nothing like enough attention to give them.  In my current position, I'm not supposed to have any projects past some initial triage/guidance
I got a promotion out of the deal...but the new job title didn't have any of the right permissions in the system - I'm still trying to reconstruct the access that I had before.

Well anyway, Friday was vacation.  Today was holiday.  Tomorrow is my work-from-home day.  I've holed up and haven't left my property since I got home Thursday night.  I'm exhibiting the signs of a significant drop in stress levels.  (I now officially have no family obligations for the holidays...I'd prefer it if Mom were still around, and I'd prefer it if more of the family talked to each other.  But they still talk to me at least.  And I'm fine with a semblance of holiday observance no longer being required of me.)

Housecleaning, poring over seed catalogs, posting seed reviews, sleeping....
Made experimental...let's call it a vegetarian gumbo lasagna.  And experimental cranberry cherry walnut pie with sort of a fruitcake topping.
Both turned out shockingly well.
jtj608 came over and we watched the Doctor Who Christmas special.
I finally ordered K's belated birthday gift - and a couple things for myself.
Tonight, more seed orders.  Or maybe I'll work on C's birthday gift, or that pocket-ful skirt I keep meaning to make out of the old cargo pants.
Or, maybe I'll play games on my phone and take another nap.  8am meeting tomorrow, and a 2-hour meeting for one of the new doomed projects.

Grateful that I'm not in North Dakota, with the blizzard and ice and wind.  We have some serious wind here, but it was 43 degrees today.
Yesterday I hear a birdsong that I associate with impending spring - which freaked me out a bit.
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