ersatz_read (ersatz_read) wrote,

Manabu Ikeda

Last week we made it to Chazen, to see Manabu Ikeda's work - "Rebirth" - before it went to Japan.
It was like pulling teeth to get out of work early, but well worth it.  Pictures and videos of the art/artist here and here.
He spent three years on it.

An earlier work - "Meltdown" - is also at Chazen.

The earthquake/tsunami/meltdown is still heartwrenching to think about.

I could have stared at Ikeda's work for hours or days.
Chazen has some nice stuff...wandered about a bit.  I should get to UW more.

After, we stopped at Browzer's bookstore - I got there 10 minutes before close.

There was a game that night, so the wait at Dotty's was over an hour.
So we went to Porta Bella for dinner instead.  We all had chocolate tartufo for dessert.
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