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the last 6 weeks or so

I (voted first then) drank bourbon for 6 hours, but still survived the election.  I was one of the weird ones who wasn't entirely surprised by the outcome.  Deeply, deeply disappointed, but not surprised.  I've decided the best response is to try to be a better, kinder person.  I'm not sure I've made much progress yet.

A friend once said "a perceived injustice is still an injustice".  There are people who perceive themselves as being disadvantaged and ignored - and voted accordingly.  Berating them does nothing but add to the discord.  But I'm not sure yet how best to defuse/redirect/repair.  I took vacation the entire week of the election - it's a mixed group of voters, and some are quite vocal, and I wasn't ready yet.

The current big project at work is...too many kinds of messed up to enumerate.  The way things work (for all projects, not just this one) is that the consulting company writes our design, and we hope we are able to correct it before we are expected to implement it.
Meanwhile, our teams had an internal re-org, to try to do something that isn't going to work with the available headcount.  And even if we did have enough people, half the team gets the short end of the stick.  We've already lost one teammate who had all the work he loved best ripped away from him.  For my part - what I do isn't changing much, except there is somehow now even more of it.  Oh, and I got a promotion...and some automated system somewhere disabled all my permissions because of it.

I took in Z's cat - WoolyBear, the tortoiseshell manx that turned up in my yard.  Z needed to move the house rabbits back downstairs, and there just wasn't any way to keep predators and prey separated.  WoolyBear seemed a bit off; we initially thought it was bad teeth, but the eventual conclusion was intestinal cancer.  She was with me for only three weeks; she died Friday evening.  She was a real sweetie - purring and sleeping on my head every night until she was too weak to get to the bed.  Well, even after that, as she would gaze up pleadingly and I'd lift her up and she'd settle in.  Even in the final days she'd painstakingly, politely make her way to the closest litterbox, or as close as she could get - then need a nap before she could travel the six feet back to her fuzzy blanket on the floor.  I gave her pain meds and subcutaneous fluids and petting.  She went quietly at home, spared yet again still another trip to the vet.

I first saw her a year ago, sleeping in a pile of sun-dappled leaves along the edge of the white pines.  That's where and how I buried her.

I'm just now reading through my friends feed for the first time in over a month.  It seems there are plenty of troubles to go around.

But there's good stuff too.  A friend who's been in the hospital for various things most of the year is on track to go home soon.  Friends were over a couple weekends ago for gaming and it was very pleasant.  Z and K came over for a low-key Thanksgiving meal and socializing.  I finished my sword holder.  I've been reading more.


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Nov. 30th, 2016 05:32 am (UTC)
I'm particularly sorry to hear about your cat. It's really hard to watch an animal depart that way.
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Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.

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