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good food days

Garden is currently producing beans, cukes, bitter melon, sanditas, tomatoes, chiles, tomatillos, okra, and ground cherries.
Also Chinese cutting celery, parsley, basil, fennel, fenugreek, nasturtiums, and papalo.  I have most of the team at work hooked on sanditas.

Potatoes and shallots need to be harvested.

Some very promising winter squash sizing up.  Glass gem corn...well,we'll see if it sizes up before winter, and avoids raccoons.

As usual, I only have about 5 carrots.  And I can't grow a zucchini to save my life.  it's embarrassing to buy zucchini at farmer's market - luckily, I can often find abandoned overflow zucchini in the breakroom.  I can also live happily without any zucchini.

If I wanted to do a market stand, most of what I'd be selling is very different from the other offerings.  I don't even see all that many multicolored cherry tomato mixed boxes - just a ton of sungolds, at least for now.

I'll have elderberries if I can beat the wildlife to them. Wild-ish plums soon.

Pepicha was a no-go:  I can't recognize it well enough to avoid pulling it as a grassy weed.  Not a problem; papalo is all the cilantro-like herb I will ever need, and then some.

The "blue cream berries" tomatoes are pretty, but are prone to cracking.  And not as tasty as I'd hoped.
The "chestnut chocolate" tomatoes have an adorable red star at the top, where the skin is shaded by the...sepals?  And they're tasty.  A keeper.
The "sunrise bumblebee" tomatoes are super pretty, but...none of the bumblebee line seems all that tasty to me.

The next "moon maid" bitter melon that ripens, I'm leaving it on the vine for mature seed; I can't seem to find the seed anymore.  This year's plants are from three-year-old seed, but I'm pretty much out.

The anellino bean experiment was educational.  The green, yellow, and speckled ones all start producing at different times, so if I wanted a multicolored harvest I should have adjusted the planting accordingly.  Which I knew, but I was lazy.  The vines are taller than anything else in the garden but don't seem all that productive, at least not yet.  Kinda hard to locate the beans too (which could be influencing my impression that they're not productive).  After all that, not any tastier than other beans anyway.  So, rattlesnake pole beans will continue to be the main crop, with a side of long beans.  And maybe some wax beans for an early harvest; they were Mom's favorite.
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