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Keeping up with the garden, more or less.  So, since I'm not floundering, I'm considering expanding the garden.  Yep.
Drip irrigation was all set up a few weeks ago, and delivering water and nutrients.  Peas mostly done, beans starting to come in.  Tomatoes, peppers, cukes, bitter melon, potatoes, etc., all look good.  Basils are slow (not surprising, and not a problem).  Glass Gem corn looks good, but we'll see what happens when the raccoons notice.  Hope to pull peas today and re-plant with a few more of those fancy Indian carrots from Baker Creek.

Z volunteers at the Aldo Leopold shack.  I brought a picnic Saturday, and got to see the inside of the shack.  Then got water at the spigot in Rock Springs, then off to Flower Factory to meet up with K.  K's new knee is filling her with joy and energy, so she bought new plants for the front yard.  Then we had a pleasant dinner at Curry in the Box.

Picnic included mulberries and black caps from the yard, one ground cherry, salads made from a combination of yard and farmer's markets (one basil-and-garlic themed, one sort of a roasted veg slaw, where I should have stuck with just the panch puran seasoning and left out the caraway - live and learn).  And some landjaeger and happy hippo candy from the cheese chalet.

Yesterday, yardwork.  Much hacking away of underbrush.  One deer tick (and a few very thorough checks for others).

Today...there will be a brief yardwork.  Mainly getting chores done and girding loins for what will be a laden week.  Workwise, early meeting tomorrow, all-day meetings the next two days (at least one involving a drive to Chicago), for a project I'm not supposed to be on, to cover tasks that are way outside my listed role.

Also tomorrow, a pee&bleed to test my kidneys before I will entertain the idea of using contrast for Friday's MRI.  Although the incidence of issues from MRI contrast is very low, it is not a lottery ticket you want to win.  Kinda irked with regular doc that he didn't even bother to check the guidelines for MRI contrast and kidneys before ordering contrast.  Pretty sure he didn't check a year ago either (when my kidneys were much worse - but for other reasons I didn't get the part because the system sort of punishes people who try to follow up on cost by cancelling their appointment...need to submit a "comment" for that).  Anyway, for this one, I made a bunch of calls and got the nephrologist to weigh in - hence the testing.

I continue to research and consider...and will probably need to make yet again still another call, to get clarification on whether or not an MRI without contrast has a decent chance of giving them useful info.  Or what alternatives exist.  Just because it's their default go-to doesn't mean it's what I personally would decide to do, or that they should feel justified in trying to talk me into it...which is how too many medical discussions feel.  "Protocol" is not an excuse for not using one's head.

Kinda sick of how a person has to be their own PM for all medical stuff.  I'm not perfect, but I'm marginally capable of doing that job...but what does a really sick person do?  Or a less-educated person, or one with fewer resources or a less flexible work schedule?  They are at the mercy of the system.  And its shortcomings are hidden by a lack of such issues being documented or even recognized.  On the one hand, I love all the things that modern medicine can do.  On the other hand...we could do SO much better.

Anyway, theoretically an MRI (my first) on Friday.  Then Picasso to vet on Saturday - standard checkup and vaccines.

Work-wise...they are changing our work-from-home deal.  Although no one has ever complained about the quality or quantity of our work, apparently senior managers don't like us taking Fridays for work-from-home.  Also, the one really big perk of working here - the free cell phone with mostly unlimited usage - continues to degrade.  Harder and harder to get a decent phone that doesn't cost full-price.  And now we hear that the plan is going to change to something with pretty major limitations.  Doesn't affect me as much, but will be a big hit for families.  So, the list of reasons for staying continues to dwindle.  We also had to fill out a thing saying whether we'd be willing to move to Chicago to keep our job.  But "don't read too much into that".  Idiot boss has apparently been told he could be a senior manager if he moved...oy.  In related news, I finally finished the resume re-write.
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