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May. 23rd, 2016

Haven't posted in ages, apparently.  Well, I log in to do my 1word1day post each week, then log back out of LJ without even checking the friends feed.  Which means I've missed a lot of things.  Same with Facebook...it's been a couple of months since I've been there.  I don't much like Facebook, but it is handy for checking up on nephews and nieces, seeing invites for parties, etc.  So, I should check it occasionally.
No particular reason for having gone silent.  Busy, but not much more than usual.  Niece's wedding was last weekend - it was the right wedding for her, and very nice.  I like the new nephew-in-law; he's one of those people who can see problems coming and arrange to avoid them - she is a headlong-into-things person, so that will be handy.  In a few weeks, niece #3 will be getting married (niece #1 has been married for years).  It will be a very different affair - small family-only ceremony then a casual party - which sounds like the right wedding for her.
The late hard freeze did a number on the mosquitoes, and I was able to wait until after the freeze to plant the seedlings.  Still working on getting the garden planted; it's coming along fine.  Plenty warm now.
My allergy season is here.  Should be over around July 4.  Until then...drugs.
K's knee replacement went beautifully.  She is a terror when driving those motorized carts at the grocery store, but she missed the tower of oatmeal.
Met up with Z, and with Ski and family, yesterday.  Flower Factory - got a nice cartload of fine things - then Curry in the Box, followed by dessert at the Michoacan ice cream shop.

Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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