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In which I review a movie from 2014

So, spoilers, but likely everyone who cares has already seen it.  I repeatedly think "oh I should go see that", then the next time I think of the film it's on cable free previews.

It's worth seeing once.  Probably exactly once.  The wormhole bits and alien planets are worth seeing.  It was clear they had a proper physics consultant (Kip Thorne), and they put a lot of time, thought, and money into those visual effects.
The film has a strong feeling of something specifically crafted for IMAX, which is fine if that's where you're watching it, but a bit distracting otherwise.
I can't help it:  whenever I see Matthew McConaughey, all I can think of is those stupid car commercials.
Everything outside of the wormhole story was hard to follow, and hard to care about.
There was something very flat about all the acting, as if the story itself was just an afterthought - the minimum effort needed to get the viewer to the wormhole stuff.  I wanted to like these characters, but I honestly didn't care if they lived or died.  Well actually, I kind of cared about what happened to Murph's brother...but that character was basically ignored until he died off-set.
And what was with that "faked moon landing" textbook thing?  That felt like one of those storylines that any sensible writer would have recognized as self-serving and unnecessary and would have cut from the 169-minute story.

And then there was the other part of the story:  an entire branch of science treated with zero respect.  The volume of questionable agriculture/blight/famine scenes/comments...I'm not even sure where to start.  There was clearly no scientific consultant for this part of the movie.  Pretty sure they never even talked to a farmer.  It felt like they watched Ken Burns' The Dust Bowl, and maybe leafed through a Michael Pollan book, and then ran with it all.
It wouldn't have taken that much effort to come up with a sufficiently-believeable way for the characters to be in the bind they're in.  But the story they used was just a train wreck.
The whole ag story seemed very America-centric:  choosing corn and okra as the last crops.  Plus...corn and okra would not be the "last crops":  the crop that will survive the longest will be something with way more genetic diversity and far less dependence on humans (and fossil fuels) to make it grow.
If there really was a huge famine, then - let's face it - the poor and under-represented would have taken the biggest hit.  So, primarily rich&privileged left...yet here's Cooper, living in this rustic farm house...I'm just having trouble making that whole backstory work.
What was with all the remote-control combines, roaming around when the corn wasn't ready to harvest?  And if there's a huge famine, then why is Cooper so willing to drive his truck through the cornfield?  Isn't that food supposedly all humanity has left?
If the only "crop" left truly is corn, then humanity is already screwed, since we cannot survive on corn alone.  Plus, there must be other plants, otherwise every ecosystem everywhere would have collapsed.  So...there must still be other plants - as evidenced by the occasional tree, and by the bottles of beer they're drinking.  So...how stupid is humanity, if they couldn't figure out to eat anything other than corn.  There are hundreds of edible things in my yard alone:  plants, insects...woodchucks....
And then at the end (a really bootstrappy ending), here's humanity looking pretty healthy and acceptably-fed on a space station.  If that were possible...why weren't we pursuing that sooner, instead of saying that the only options were death on earth or a new world through the wormhole?
It was a very sketchy and disrespectful treatment of the whole biological side of the story.
I would have ecstatically forgiven everything else if they'd made even remotely equivalent efforts on both of the science stories, and not just one.
Rant over.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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