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yeah a bit more venting

Coworker was abruptly let go today.  I've gotten wind of the possible reason...which would make the expulsion standard company policy - but I flatly disagree with zero-tolerance policies:  any decision worth making deserves actual thought.

It's put that team in a worse position than what they were already in.  That coworker was the sole person for multiple important tasks, and there was no handoff.

After running it past a friend and a couple of teammates, I talked to otherboss about possibly joining his team.  We had a useful talk.  He kind of talked me off the ledge.  I know enough about that team's work to know it isn't a good fit for me - I'm just so frustrated with idiotboss that I thought it might be worth it.  (I didn't relate that last part as a reason for moving:  idiotboss and otherboss are longtime friends.)  Otherboss reiterated his plans to sort of merge the two teams - something I'd lobbied for before idiotboss took over - and if he does then I'll be on the sub-team that I want to be on, doing what I want to do.  But we've been actively talking about this for a year, and progress has been minimal.

Otherboss isn't any prize either.  He's pretty bent on getting rid of one of the consultants.  She has an abrasive attitude (although no worse than his is sometimes), but it's because she's overworked and expected to head off every single problem.  And she does a good job of pointing out potential problems.  She has hurt some people's feelings - but it is totally possible to establish a good working relationship with her.  I know because I've done it.  When she calls me on stuff, she's usually right.  When she isn't and I explain why, she's totally ok with it.  And when she's on your side for an issue, she will fight to the death for you.

I've been increasingly irked with everything lately.  Trying to do the most pressing bits of four different jobs (doing front door analysis of all incoming requests, doing end-to-end development work for 2 projects (one of which is huge), trying to tackle what is now a four-page list of assorted investigations, procedural gaps, miscellaneous urgent requests, and documentation needs, and trying to plug all the managerial holes that idiotboss leaves) - and therefore doing them all way below my standards...so when idiotboss sends me an email asking me to do something, because he didn't bother to take note of what actually needed to be done (it's something we specifically asked him to do last week)...yeah, that burns.  He wants me to write everything up so he can "re-package" it - i.e., send it as if he wrote it.
Hard to concentrate when I'm pissed, so then I get less work done.  Which I cannot afford.  I know what I need is a long vacation, but now we're down even more people (another is retiring in a few months), plus hugeproject is revisiting all tjhe requirements with 3 full-day meetings next week, because the solution changed.

My meds did slightly change about the same time my irritation levels increased...but I really don't think that's it.  Only the one med changed, and just to a level I've been on before with no ill effects.

One-on-one with idiotboss tomorrow, when the talk of moving to the other team is sure to come up.  Not sure yet how that will turn out.  I'd only told otherboss that I wanted a "change of scenery".  Idiotboss has a good chance of prompting me to say something more...honest.

Meanwhile...yes, the resume is being updated. 
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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