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the harvest

I always start the year with grand ideas and high hopes for the garden.  In reality, though, my garden is a testbed to see which plants can produce despite neglect. 

And I'm okay with that, in the greater scheme of things.  It would be nice to have a more productive garden, and I will always try to do better each year.  But if all I get out of it is some decent exercise and a few good meals, that's okay too.  Seeds are still a relatively cheap hobby.

Green beans, shallots, potatoes:  these are my staple crops.  Potatoes, especially...I see why they became so popular.  Throw a piece of potato in the ground, ignore it until late summer, and then you dig up 6-12 potatoes in its place.  Hilling helps, weeding helps, fertilzing helps...but honestly, they're optional.  And I've never had to water a potato plant.

I dug up a bunch of the banana fingerlings today.  Averaging just shy of a dozen potatoes per piece planted.  Some are quite small, but others are a good 5-6" long.  Weird shapes.  Fingerlings are supposed to be particularly tasty; I'm looking forward to trying them.

I'll lay them out in the spare bedroom - it's cooler and darker in there.  Should have done the same with the onions - some of the ones in the entryway are sprouting.  Likewise the ones still in the garden.

I'm letting the remaining green beans mature&dry.  Parsley and zwolsche krul are pretty reliable too; they'll be good after frost.

Garden winners this year:  the violet jasper tomatoes were prolific and reliable.  Too bad they were a little short on flavor.  Basil from seed did well this year.

Even with (again) non-optimal conditions, some of the squash/melons are producing.  I'll need to note the ones that do okay.  The Early butternut, but I already knew it would likely do okay.  Surprisingly, there appears to be a maturing bottle gourd - they're usually late.  By the looks of the forecast, the squashes have about a week left to mature, but if that's a one-night frost then I might row-cover to give the squash a little longer.

Again I have learned that carrots, although a listed companion plant for many items, do best on their own.  They kept getting overshadowed by whatever was around them.


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