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lost weekend, geek style

I invited friends over for the weekend.  Friday afternoon I finished All The Chores, so I could take the weekend off.  Head-injury D showed up Friday night, and I subjected him to a few episodes of Rick and Morty.  He had Strat-o-Matic draft in the morning, so went to bed relatively early.

Saturday, jtj608 showed up, and after strat draft and a hearty lunch we settled in for boardgaming.  Later, 'Ski and Schnauzerhaven turned up, so we switched to 5-player games.  K arrived too, and she and I had a nice chat while "the boys" gamed.  More food, more gaming...got to sleep about 3am.

D had to get up early again for more Strat draft on Sunday, then needed a nap before even more gaming.  Things broke up somewhere around dinnertime.  jtj608 needed to gird his loins for the upcoming week (tax season, so currently he's working two jobs).  C and spouse weren't able to join us this time; bummer.

Today, I have vacation.  All heck was breaking loose on Friday when I logged off...but I find it hard to care just now.  It's sunny and warm; I will spend some time outside.  And, I think begin setting up the sunroom for seed-starting.  Last night it rained, and the forecast all week is for highs above 50.

Food for the weekend went well.  Chicken thighs marinated in almond milk and mild Thai seasoning, then topped with "southwest fiesta chicken brats" and the whole thing baked; yeah, it worked, and all the chicken was moist.  Baked beans (3 cans of beans and one bag of frozen blackeyed peas, 2 jars of Renfro's pomegranate chipotle salsa, a big spoonful of allspice, all in the big bean pot and baked as long as possible).  Baked potatoes (I top mine with sour cream, hummus, and baked beans).  And a big pile of veg (fry up 2 onions, some chiles, and 2 bags of whole small green beans, add roasted carrots and mushrooms with thyme, add 3 heads of roasted garlic, a bag of sundried tomatoes, a bunch of pepper, juice of 1 lemon, and some salt).  It was all very fast to prepare and mainly involved shoving things in the oven and waiting.  Plenty of options to satisfy all palates.

Despite getting 12 chicken thighs and a fat tray of brats, we were mostly out of meat after Saturday night.  So Sunday I grabbed a couple pizzas.  Sent all leftovers home with D and jtj608, except for the veg - I'll add some pasta and protein and that will be lunches for a couple days.

Games played:  For Crown & King, Walnut Grove, Cinque Terre, Amun Re, Ticket to Ride:  United Kingdom.
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