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This morning I was having a fascinating, vivid dream about a dystopian world.  The production values were as good as most feature films.
Then I had to get up for an 8am meeting.  How's that for irony.

When I was a kid, I had elaborate, colorful dreams all the time.  Lately, only very infrequently.

I wonder if it has anything to do with vitamin D.  LIkely not.  But as a kid I was outside all the time, getting plenty of sunshine.  Recently, the doc got my vitamin D levels tested, they were quite low (hardly surprising for a person with a desk job, in winter in Wisconsin).  So about 2 weeks ago I started supplements.  After about a week...I did feel like my mood perked a bit.  Again, hard to pin that on a vitamin and not some other thing.  (And hard to design a proper double-blind experiment on oneself.)  Well regardless, I feel like I'm doing something right, so I'll keep doing...whatever it is I'm doing.

Or maybe something about my diet has helped me get more vitamin B6, which has a documented effect of "too vivid dream recall".
As a writer (although in theory more than in practice these days), I thought dream recall would be an interesting tool, so I've tried B6 in the past...which is when I learned that some dreams really are too disturbing, and are best not remembered.  Oy.  But this one was fine.

Here's all I can remember of the dream:
I was initially taken to a barn of sorts, where my task was to basically destroy sections of wooden wall with a hammer.  The hammer was Thor-shaped, the walls were all in a row and conveyed in from both sides (similar to the doors in Monsters Inc.), and I stood in the center of the barn, on the dirt floor, and whacked away at the walls with a bunch of other people.  It wasn't purposeless labor, although I'm not clear on what the purpose was.
After a while, my hammer broke (the wood handle snapped).  And there were no spares.  But someone gave me some clues about how to get another one.  We drove in some odd little car, away from the barn and toward a town (dirt roads, but vividly painted storefronts...sort of a 1950s feel...or modern-day that's reverted to 1950s level).  There was a policeman at the intersection next to main street; he waved a few other directions through, the waved us through with a significant look at the driver, as if to say "you're free to take your chances now".  As we went into the intersection, other cars kept coming, and it became clear that because we were from the sub-class we were on our own to avoid getting hit.  Luckily, not all that much traffic.
Then we made it to the destination.  Here's where it gets fuzzy, because my series of morning alarms were starting to go off.  The destination was sort of an electronics store - with older electronics.  Big glass front.
Dystopian world, so there was an upper class and a sub-class.  Many members of the sub-class had deformities.


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Feb. 6th, 2016 03:02 am (UTC)
I suspect there are some relationships between forming new memories and having vivid dreams, leading to kids having more of them.

The Smash Club dream does have its positive aspects.
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Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.

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