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yep, we paid money for that

Teammate looked at some of the customized code today (the stuff we're able to see; the majority of the system is part of "core" and we're not allowed to view it).
He discovered a hardcoded list of IDs for items we'd created in our tables.  An outdated list.  And we could add to the problem at any time, since we were never told of this list, so there are no restrictions on creating new items.
Of course if we had been told, we (dev and support teams) would have raised a stink.  Sadly, the misery of that hardcoded list would not have been obvious to the people with the clout to get it changed.  We've had mixed results trying to explain such things in the past.
And there's no one in the company (any more) whose job it is to police the third party code.  Teammate just happened to be looking because we were being told to fix a problem and he'd been able to deduce that the real culprit was hidden in their code (due to a different issue than the hardcoded list).
I'm deeply disappointed, but not at all surprised.  And I'm not as bothered by the code as I am by the lack of understanding at the levels that have any ability to change this sort of thing.  Because it's just so disheartening.  I mean, we're building new functionality on top of this slag heap.
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