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taking a day...

...to mostly not be at work.  Beating our heads against the same walls, with no support from any level of management for fundamentally changing it, is getting to me more than usual.  Sure, we do the "grassroots" things they are so fond of (I assume because it involves no work or commitment on their part), but without some eventual support all such endeavors are doomed.

For example, a bunch of us had a meeting of minds yesterday to try and figure out how the heck a particular part of the system currently works.  People mostly sorted it out, and made some educated guesses at what this means for the project that is requesting a bunch of stuff that apparently already half-exists (the company requested it, paid for it, got shot down by accounting, turned it off in production, then forgot it existed...that is not the only project to have had such a lifecycle).  So, we're going to write down how this piece of things currently works...even though that is doomed.  Because we are not allowed to see the source code and - get this - the company decided to not pay the consultants to provide us with system documentation for the changes they make.  Yet the business assumes we somehow magically know how everything works AND know everything they've ever requested and why - and they have flatly, repeatedly refused to keep track of their own requests and their own "why"s.  Despite repeatedly bringing up examples like this one, we get no traction - from our management or anyone else - for preventing this from happening over and over.

Anyway.  Today, other stuff.  I'm logged in, but mostly not checking email.  At some point, I'll go out and sweep/shovel the couple inches of incredibly fluffy snow that fell yesterday.

Lunch will be the last of the most recent food experiment, which turned out surprisingly well.  A sort of baked vegetable stew:  cucumber, carrot, cabbage, fennel, onion, anaheim chiles, vegetable stock, thyme, pepper, panch puran, and chopped kumquats.  With a topping of a small amount of steak, mixed with cherry tomatoes and roasted garlic.
The panch puran seed mix pairs really well with cabbage.

Seed orders are underway - always a pleasant (if surprisingly challenging) diversion.  I order 3 kinds of anellino bean seeds (tightly curved beans) from Seeds from Italy.  Ran across a chile pepper site in Finland - amazing selection, and info on making nifty bonsai from chile plants.  The bulk of my order for the year will be to Fedco as usual, with Baker Creek, Kitazawa, and Johnny's playing supporting roles.  Maybe a little Scheepers as well.

Work once again changed prescription coverage providers on the insurance...and once again the new provider is late in sending out the new card.  So, phone calls to be made.  Luckily, I've been on the same meds long enough to have a backup supply, and even if I didn't the meds are affordable enough.  But according to the pharmicist there are a lot of people in the same boat this time of year - condolences to all of you.  This country makes this all so much more complicated than it should be, and people suffer because of it.

Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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