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Jan. 3rd, 2016

It was a pleasant vacation.  I finally got the "death montage" arranged and on the wall.  Moved most of the sewing and craft stuff to the spare bedrooms, which has made space to move other things around.  Rearranged some books (will be doing more of that).  Mostly avoided people and responsibilities.  Well, I did emerge long enough to pay property taxes.  And I did open the house up for New Year's day - had a good turnout.

Ex-housemate and I played Fields of Arle on New Year's eve - a good game for when you want a two-player game with some meat on it.  Will play it again.  The next day, when head-injury D was here, we played Power Grid:  the Stock Companies.  Not my favorite, but I shouldn't judge on the basis of one game where we were still puzzling through the rules.

Tailless yard cat is safely ensconced at Z's house now.  She took the cat in to the vet yesterday for vaccines and a once-over.  She is a manx - the weird spot where here tail would be was a cyst (no infection).  Not spayed (but she will be soon).  Z has rearranged her house to make a comfy home for her downstairs - and has moved the house rabbit upstairs with the birds.

Tomorrow, back to work.  Before vacation, I sent myself an email reminding me of things to be done.  I have briefly logged in a few times, so I know of a couple things people will be bugging me about as soon as I'm online tomorrow.  Have other bits of reality I'll need to deal with soon as well - next nephrologist appointment is soon, etc.

Not big on the resolution thing; I figure if it's important enough to do, then don't use the excuse of waiting until the new year to do it.  2015 took a lot of effort:  many changes in all aspects of my life, and a lot of energy expended in not just tossing it all.  The next few months have a to-do list, but in part it's still about recovery time.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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