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back to cube

I did log in a couple of times over vacation, but only briefly.  Just to avoid too many urgent surprises all at once the day I got back.
Which left plenty of time today to be agitated by the email thread saying I should do a particular database update without any documentation or formal request.  Umm...no.
After I explained my well-founded reasons for not just making the update, a lead from another team said he would do it (unlike what I learned as normal/right, the current setup has multiple "owners" of the same table - and no, they don't always tell the other when they're updating it).  He outranks me (or at least he used to - we haven't had an up-to-date org chart in years) so I said it was up to him.
He decided to make the update...then asked me how to log in to the database.  Oy.
Then someone else, who outranks all of us by sheer force of will if nothing else, made the same point I had made about lack of documentation, and nonstandard procedures.
And so forth.  So, normal day.  In between bursts of emails and IMs, I worked on my trolling of all emails sent in the past year.  It seems an inefficient way to assemble info for my self-eval, but I also use it to find (and fix) stuff that fell through the cracks.  It doesn't take as long as one might think, and it really brings back memories (not all bad).

Housemate has taken an apartment, and is moving out.  It's pretty far off the beaten path.  It's a 6-month lease, them month to month; if it doesn't work out then there are options.  We were in the process of moving him to a different subset of the house anyway, so regardless the room he was in will eventually be available to me again.  It's supposed to be the sewing and craft room, and I now have Mom's fancy machine and sewing table to put in there (as well as many other things).

Thanksgiving went well enough.  Sister did not attend, but a couple of eldest brother's friends from Mayo did.  I brought my extra-veg tabbouleh.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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