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vacation soon (but not nearly enough)

I should not have to put in multiple 11-hour days in order to take 6 vacation days.  It's inefficient.

I'm hoping that the stuff I'm trying to hand off will have taken by the time I get back, and not just moulder for a week and a half and then get handed back to me.  It's a dream I have.  A couple of teammates have offered to take a couple of the really annoying things - so thank you and good luck to them.

Was suposed to be on vacation Wednesday, but have resigned myself to showing up long enough to see the people coming up from Chicago to meet with us.
Thursday, heading in to town in the pm for a Vinery class with C, to make a fused glass lanpshade.
This weekend, Teslacon.  Will be pretty mellow about it this year.  Not even seeing a lot on the panel list that interests me - usually there's a panel or two from one of the actual nurses/doctors, about old diseases (some making a comeback), or one about impressive historical figures that aren't in the average history books.
There is a maker room (although it hasn't so far been a strong sut for this con), and of course the tea room.  And a hobby horse contest (this year's theme is Wild Wild West).
Next week, a little time with family, and a little time just quietly home alone (way too little of that lately).

I have a bit of a tradition of having Thanksgiving (or a few days near it) to myself, making some special food exactly to my tastes.  Ingredients are gradually being gathered:  cherry landjaeger, cranberry Grand Marnier chutney, candied hibiscus blossoms....  And I will choose a squash to kill and eat.  The tradition started when I was out in California, away from family, then became just a sort of stubbornness.  Now, it's practicality in relation to my housemate and i scheduling non-intersecting family time so we can cover cat-pilling duties.

Boss returned from his 3-week vacation today, with some horrible headcold-like thing.  Not sure why he sat on his couch feeling miserable for a weel, then used his first day back to go see the doctor, but whatever.  Seems to be a virus or two going around.  Hopefully I can abandon work before catching it, and also avoid con crud.  Flu shot acquried a few weeks back.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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