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work, food, games, sleep, cats, work

Yet again stil another requirements session for the current project (3 full days a week since sometime in September I think).  Today, we at least figured out that the requirements related to my team can be handled later, without messing up any other teams.  Still a big pile of work and confusion all around.  This is for Revenue Recognition...which I suspect is going to be a pretty big deal for many companies for the next couple of years.
(I'm not an accountant, but I play one in the IS department.)
Anyway, I was able to coordinate generally-useful discussions for the stuff related to our area.
Next week, more discussions, but in small groups on specific topics.

This would all be so very much easier, if anyone in the last three years had heeded our warnings about the perils of missing procedure, documentation, and ownership.  It's hard to document what the system does when people have been throwing stuff into it and not keeping the receipt, and when the place they're throwing it in is owned by a third party who, by contract, does not need to let us see the source code or even describe to us what's there.  When asked how something works, my first reaction is to be embarrassed about not being able to provide a clear and complete answer.  My second reaction is to just be pissed.  Luckily, the people I'm talking to know where I'm coming from.

The meeting was in the building I used to work in 15 years ago.  It has the same fuzzy purple cube walls it had back then.  And I think the same coffee machine.  We loved that machine - we almost mutinied when we couldn't take it with us to the new building.

After the meeting (and the 11- and 12-hour days that preceded it), I wandered off for my annual autumn spree on the west side.  Went to I'm Board and got Machi Koro and Patchwork - Machi Koro should go over well with the family at Thanksgiving.  Went to WBU and got a suet feeder with a tail prop (the woodpeckers like those) and a package of the tasty poop toffee.  Also got some landjaeger, and some sweets for teammates tomorrow.

Tnen Novanta for carry-out (creamy squash and onion soup, garbanzo insalate, buffalo mozzarella with prosciutto and salame).  Then popped in at Ravenworks and got a new shirt - an everyday/work shirt that will also do well for Teslacon.

Wore Mom's copper oak leaf pin today.  She would have been all over this bird cottage advent calendar.  That seems to be one of the harder things about her being gone:  I keep seeing stuff I want to share with her or buy for her.  Z is having a similar problem; she used to call Mom all the time just to gab about yardwork adventures and strange pet stories.

Taking the night off, to digest food, to sleep, and to be sat on by cats.


Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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