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more books, and battening down

UW library book sale was this week.  As is standard, head-injury D and I went, then had dinner.  Dotty's Dumpling Dowry was very busy, so we went to Weiner Shop instead - not bad.

Only got a few books this time.  Got Tales of the Great Lakes for K, and Drift for JTJ608.  On the audio stack, D found a copy of Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things (9 CDs) for $3.

Other purchases:
The World Turned Upside Down:  Radical Ideas During the English Revolution
The Age of Manufactures, 1700-1820:  Industry, Innovation, and Work in Britain
The New Yorker Book of War Pieces:  London, 1939, to Hiroshima, 1945
The History of Popular Culture to 1815.
A UW 3-book series on the history of women on campus

Nature's Colors: Dyes from Plants
Pictorial Handbook of Technical Devices
How to Identify Plants

Finally removed the damaged storm door (and the thick layer of caulk that went with it) a couple weeks ago.  New storm door acquired, might install tomorrow when the wind dies down.  Of course, the freshly-charged battery for the power drill has lost its charge and won't now to find the other battery, or to break down and get a new beefier drill.  (That 58V battery on the string trimmer is really spoiling me.)

The ratty little plastic supports on the kitchen shelves finally failed on one shelf.  So now I need to replace...but the only replacement supports all have deeper pegs.  An easy fix...if the power drill were working.

The...yech...that was in the basement, where an ex-housemate's abandoned papers and a recurrent plumbing issue had met, has finally been cleaned, and the plumbing issue somewhat sorted (I think).  The cleanout involved first emptying the entryway to make room, then hauling bag after bag of wet heavy...yech...up the stairs and out to the garage.  Then a long shower, then re-assemble the entryway.  Ah, homeownership....

Without the sunroom (not heated), the house appears to be a little small for the current set of cats.  Last year, I cut a hole where I thought a cat flap could go without too much trouble...and found unexpected wires, with absolutely no play in them to move them.  I could re-wire...would rather not just now.  Or I could cut and disable the wires...but I do actually use the light and outlet at the other end.  So, I think I'll try the other spot that looks plausible.

Idiotboss is away for a few weeks.  So, I will be doing part of his job, and B will be doing the rest (so, no change there).  Still scrambling to take some proper vacation.  Think there might be a lull between Teslacon and Thanksgiving, and if so I'd like to just take the entire week off.  
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