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For the latest one-on-one, boss brought in a sheet of questions he'd found somewhere, meant to improve communication between us.  He was sounding sort of rational...except that communication wasn't the issue here.  It isn't my job to communicate to him every last detail of how to do his job.  He's been a manager for close to 2 decades; he should have the basics down by now.
In the team meeting, he did present a couple of the things I'd yelled at him for, a couple weeks back.  Presenting them as nothing other than his ideas, while using many of my words.  I'm not a saint: that irked me a bit. But it's not like they were great ideas anyway; they were just what he was supposed to be doing.
I'm doing that thing now, where someone asks me to do something (it's not unusual for them to just ask me rather than asking him), and I don't bother to tell him - I just do it (or if it's little, see if someone else can do it) and cc him after the fact, so he can be aware of the stuff that gets done.  I know this isn't doing anything to help the boss improve, but I've pretty much given up on him, and I don't want the requester to wait an extra 3 days just to get a half-baked response.  Nor do I see the benefit of making my life harder by trying to help such requests along rather than just taking care of them.  Just another sign that it's time to move on.

In other news, a hive of honey bees has moved in to a pile of straw along the garden fence (left over from a failed mock-"straw bale" experiment a year ago).  I don't mind at all, except that I can't safely harvest the basil or the shallots.  Not at all sure how to move them without danger to them and/or me.  Honey bees aren't native here, and I don't know how well they'll winter over in just a straw's a pretty good location, but I do need to move it before next year's gardening.
Housemate suggested finding a local place that sold honey and talking to them, so I did - a place up in Horicon.  They're currently winterizing their own bees, but are curious, and hope to come down and take a look in a week or so.
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