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Week before last I spent 90 minutes telling my manager what I really though of him...using words like asinine, incompetent, idiot...along with many specific examples to back up my choice of words.  On the plus side (I guess):  still employed.  On the minus side, his only responses were to explain why I was wrong and he was actually doing everything he was supposed to be doing.
Some of my specific examples involved pointing out all of the work that should be his and that I've been doing.  On top of my own job - which is already more than one person can do.
The next day, I offloaded all this on to a teammate...only to find out I was not the first person that day to pull him aside and complain about the boss's incompetence.
I also found out that at least one teammate had told boss-of-boss, before this boss was given this job, that he was incapable of doing the job.  To no avail.
He's been negotiating a big contract on our behalf...with an absolute misunderstanding of what it is that we do or are capable of doing.

I'm still doing my job, and I'm doing what I can for the team.
But my mindset has shifted.  I like the people (most of them), the paycheck, the lack of dress code, the 5 weeks of vacation, the Friday afternoons off...I'd like the actual work I'm doing, if I could just for once actually have the time to do it to my standards and not just some half-assed thing that has to be re-done againe in 3 months.
The incompetence of this manager negates all of that.  
I'm unlikely to walk away from the paycheck until I have another lined up - I have a mortgage, and multiple people and animals depending on me for food and/or shelter - but until then I will be blunt with boss (for all the good it does), and treat him with the lack of respect he deserves. 
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