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eating well

The plum trees are informing me that it's high time I stopped planting plum trees.  The oldest ones are full of fruit this year; if the young ones eventually get to that level as well, I'll be swamped.  So this spring, I started planting pear trees instead.  There are worse hobbies than obsessively planting fruit trees.  Need to locate Mom's plum butter recipe.

The elderberries along the berry hedge are doing well - they fruit the first year, apparently.  The cornelian cherries will need a little more time.  Veg garden was producing beans at an alarming rate, now cukes and cucamelons, and the tomates are starting to roll in.  The bitter melon (karela) vines look good; I picked some up at farmer's market a few weeks back and made Indian-ish pickles - very tasty (panch puran seeds, oil, garlic, chiles, seeded karela, vinegar).

Speaking of panch puran, I used them in a sort of carrot okra stew, along with tomatillos and garlic.  Served over rice with tomato on the side - really very tasty.

Iris bed re-do is in progress; it will be about triple the size of the original.  Weather's hot&humid, ground is dry and rock-hard, so nothing more is happening until it rains (theoretically later today).

Doggedly on vacation through tomorrow, although I did need to log in this morning for a thing.  A mountain of things waiting for me when I return.  Then off again Friday to go to Badger Steam&Gas with Z and K.  Hoping to stick my head in at Geek Kon on Saturday.  Jury duty duties this month.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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