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Seem to have mostly for now gotten the hang of dealing with my medical issues.  For now, things are acceptable on that front.  Also, my allergy season has passed for the year - yay!

We have a boss again.  Of the six people remaining on the team, at least 5 were unhappy with the choice.  The latest round of discussions with higher-up bosses about the stuff we need to do our work were generally unproductive and demeaning.  Although I am extremely fond of 5 weeks of vacation and Fridays working from home - and if it weren't for all the b.s. I'd like the actual work - there is a limit.  Being paid to hurry up and shut up and do things wrong does get old, when you know it could be so much better.  I really do need to put some serious thought to not being just another boiling frog.

Finished my first quilt top - only throw-sized.  I am pleased.  Intending to tie rather than quilt, but would like to try doing it with French knots.  Binding will take a while - a project for a rainy day; it's outdoor weather now.

TImTam has moved back from C's house.  The cats all still seemed to recognize each other so the reintroduction was nicely un-dramatic.

Too much work&stuff, so took yesterday off.  Went to Hilldale farmer's market (ample and privileged), then stowed my haul in cooler and met up with Z and K at Swagat for Indian buffet.  Fish masala, bhindi, shahi paneer, garlic naan, carrot halwa....  Then we went to Flower Factory where I got...many things.  Rounded out the day with iris order from Schreiner's.

Today, outside.  Weed all the things, stake tomatoes, plant yesterday's purchases.  When I'm done, cook yesterday's market purchases.  Already made breakfast cake (big pile of strawberries and blueberries embedded in a little pancake-like batter).

Bought a 58V cordless string trimmer.  It's a nice little beast that will go through small woody stems, and I haven't even put it on the high setting or used the heavy-duty string yet.  The battery recharges in 1 hour and can also be used to power a chainsaw.

Eyeing up what is supposed to be an extraordinary bread machine that can make mochi, udon, and other things.  The manual is only in Japanese (which I do not currently read).  It's overkill, but....


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Jun. 21st, 2015 04:34 pm (UTC)
I'm looking at that bread machine right now. Zowie that's cool.

When I inherited the broken-down house from my grandparents, one of the things I found was a weedwhacker in which the polyethylene line had been replaced with a bicycle spoke. I bet it worked pretty well, although I immediately threw it away as being insane.
Jun. 23rd, 2015 01:32 am (UTC)
Google Translate did an acceptable job translating that bread guide pictured in the review. (Google Translate: facilitating American monolingual laziness since 2007.)
I do have a Beginner's Kana Workbook, but I doubt it's flour-centric.

Tempted by the weedwhacker mod...but I'd have to get a riot shield or some Kevlar first.
Jun. 23rd, 2015 02:08 am (UTC)
Steel boots and a bulletproof insurance policy that covers shooting wires through neighbors' children.
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Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.

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