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a very good pi day

I was still baking (and in my pajamas) when people started showing up around 1pm.  But I was having fun, and no one seemed to mind, because pie.
There were seven of us, and more than one pie per person, but we made good inroads.  Friends brought coconut cream, salted caramel chocolate, blueberry...  .I made mincebean and squash, both of which turned out very well.  Far less successful was the orange meringue, for multiple reasons - someday I'll try it again.  There was also a "square pie" (leftover mincebean crust filled with miscellaneous chopped fruits - plum, mandarin, mango, and banana) and some leftover store-bought banana cream from work.

Jarahdale squash/pumpkin makes an excellent pie; it's a flavorful dry squash with a good stringless texture so it works up nice.  I added a little brown sugar, 2 eggs, almond milk, and a little of the usual pumpkin pie spices.  Baked at 400+ for ten minutes or so, then turned the heat down to 350 to finish it.  I wanted something a bit lighter than the usual pumpkin pie, and that's what I got.  It went fast.

For a whlie, there was pie-eating and chattting; it was Canoecopia this weekend too so K talked kayaks.  I set out my copy of the xkcd What If book.  Z and I did a yard crawl and talked tree-trimming.  A group of us even talked a bit about current events; these days, it's a fine, precious thing when people can talk, without anyone guarding their speech, and without some deep-seated ideological fight breaking out.  Meanwhile, 'Ski brought out his latest game design and talked it over with people - my takeaway from that is a nice little combinatorics problem to worry at.

Then we played Concordia - a fine boardgame.  I might get that one for myself; can't always live off housemate's game pile.

When we finished, everyone carpooled 50 minutes over to Pho King, where Z and K were just finishing dinner (we got there after 8:30); Z told them to take good care of us and they certainly did.  I got pho again, but I think next time I might get a banh mi.

Then home, to sleep off a pleasant, well-rounded day of excess.  Today, yardwork and leftover pie.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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