ersatz_read (ersatz_read) wrote,

pi day

Pi day is the holiday I am most likely to observe.  I totally approve of a secular celebration/collaboration of science and food.

My workplace always celebrates pi day.  But I am irked by the coworkers who don't bus their own pies, and instead expect our admin to clean up all the whipped cream and leftovers.  And this year they will be celebrating on a Friday, as the actual date falls on Saturday.  And Friday is usually my work-from-home day.

So I'm tempted to not participate in the workplace pi day this year.  But I want to support it, because pie. Likely I will go.  Last year, some of the new teammates even appreciated my mincebean recipe.

Oh, and I will use Mom's two-tier lidded pie basket for transport.  It will become the pi day vessel.  I knew I took that for a reason.
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