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goofing off

Food this week is an African-style squash stew, made in the crockpot:  onion, cubed squash, cauliflower, a carrot or two, tomato paste, cumin, cardamom, garlic, ginger (rather a lot), cinnamon, sharp paprika, turmeric, fenugreek...peanut butter added near the end.  I didn't crockpot it to death:  all the veg is still itself, although fairly soft.  Served it with a mix of peas and sturdy pasta.  Pretty good - warm, but manageably so.  Sort of like the "inner warmth peanut stew" at Great Dane, but as a food that won't be downed with beer I think I prefer mine.

Saturday was a nicely-wasted day.,  Z came over early and we went to a local bird swap, where she scoped out chickens for the coop-in-progress.  We learned about auto-sexing chickens.  I saw Swedish blue ducks; I sometimes think about getting ducks, then come back to my senses and decide that a life without domestic livestock is the life for me.  But Swedish blues are calm, cold-hardy "muttering ducks" - cool.  If I ever decide to jump off the grid, it's those and pygmy goats, and maybe a papillon to herd them.

Then we went to one of the good fabric shops, which was hopping with escapees from an area sewing retreat.  I got a few new bits of fabric, to play with after I finish the current quilt top.  Then, home, to meet up with more friends for what was supposed to be a cheesecake-making weekend.  As it was, we just ate the cheesecake I'd made the night before, then I tried my hand at one of Mom's recpes while we gabbed and drank sangria.

The recipe was "bunny buns":  basically, glazed sweet orange rolls where ropes of dough are twisted and trimmed to look like bunnies.  I learned that I have very little patience for shaping bread, but that the rolls taste good in any shape.  I did over-knead them and used a bit too much flour - must watch for that in the future.

On a practical note, I've finished my fed taxes and received the refund, and created a spreadsheet of medical bills and payments, and which bills I need to question people about.  And my prescription drug coverage seems to be sorted again.  'Sakes.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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