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Friday night, housemate, head-injury D, and I chatted, ate baked potatoes with a wide range of toppings, and watched The Wind Rises.  We also watched True Facts About Marsupials, which is a frontrunnner for providing our Trivia team name this year.

On his way here, head-injury D got pulled over for speeding, and was quickly informed of his missing headlight and one-week-expired insurance.  He got off with a warning.  Apparently no actual comments on the two windows that are currently made of tape instead of glass.  He intentionally keeps the oil level below a faulty gasket, to avoid leaks.  The car has an LED display that is supposed to alert you to issues and remind you of mantenance's a constantly scrolling marquee of automotive traumas.  Could be actual traumas, could be a fault in the electrical system...could be the car begging for a merciful death.

Yesterday, C and B drove up.  Various subsets of the five of us played Piece o' Cake, Dominion, Temporum, and Concordia.
For dinner, I augmented the potato leftovers with a vat of roasted garlic, pasta, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, black pepper, and mozzarella, and sides of veg and bacon.  This all went over quite well.  And, much good conversation was had.  We'll be doing it again soon.  C and B made it back to Chicagoland before the worst of the snow.

I'm not overly pleased about using cheaters over my contacts to read the Dominion cards, but there it is.
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