ersatz_read (ersatz_read) wrote,

good smells

I'm making soup in the crock pot:  onion, celery, carrot, parsnip, tomatillo, black beans, baby butter beans, tomatoes, many spices including cumin, fenugreek, ajwain, and kala jeera - initial taste test is pretty good.

A while back I'd promised myself an order from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, once I'd done a certain thing.  And it's done - awkwardly and alarmingly, but decisively.  So, reward.  I don't wear perfume much, but this place has intrigued me since I first found out about it years ago.  I got the Buggre Alle This Bible scent, because Good Omens.  And Brisingamen, because I love myrtle.  And a bunch of tiny samplers of other scents, mostly in the spice and/or death family.

The mothball-like scent I associate with myrtle is one of my favorites, along with the aroma of dust-soaked grease.  There isn't any mystery here:  some of the best hours of my high-school life were spent working at the county historical museum, which reeked of mothballs, and some of the best hours of my early twenties after moving to California were spent working at the physics lab job, with its cabinets crammed full of WWII surplus.  As a gardener, I like earthy clean outdoor aromas too, plus most of my childhood was spent roaming the wilderness and avoiding people.  I love the smells of fresh asphalt and fresh dirt.  No wonder an alternative perfume shop appealed to me.
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