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It's been a long few weeks. Mom's service was Friday (not exactly what we thought we'd agreed on, but it's what the sibling doing the organizing ended up doing...and in the end it was fine).  Thursday night and Friday night I stayed at Mom's apartment, srting fabric, quilting books, and ideas.  Saturday we mostly cleared the apartment.  Sister got a ton of fabric, as she has the best shot of getting it used - all the flannel and kid stuff, and I sorted out all the bag and tote patterns for her.  I took a bunch of the civil war stuff and a couple of "kits" (fabric and pattern all bundled together), along with the last big finished quilt - the very fancy one with all the tiny squares.
Sister and I each got a sewing machine - identical (Mom had a spare so she didn't have to stop sewing when one was being serviced).  I got the sewing cabinet.  Z got the rocker to refinish.  I took some small things, but not much else.  I did not claim any remaining pottery, but took whatever others did not want.
And I got 3 jars of freezer jam and 3 slices of pie from the freezer, and some blueberry muffins.  No one makes pie crust quite like Mom.
Mom was practical and sensible and prepared us all as well as she could for this.  And although I am sad for someone who did good stuff and will no longer be around to do good stuff, I am not devastated or traumatized.  This is how life inevitably ends for us all:  with unfinished things.  If it didn't, it would mean we lived too long and were not making use of our lives.

I'm still dealing with the fallout of the hospital visit, and getting a better feel for how...unfortunate...that hospital was, and how many errors they made.  And how that has potentially made my recovery slower, or at the very least more confusing.  My best gauge of how I am is what it's always been:  me.  But now I need to do the legwork of getting a different primary care, and a nephrologist who actually makes sense so I can take seriously what they say.  Which means missing yet again still more work, to vet new docs.  More on all this when things settle a bit more.

My answer to all this is to be quite willing to sleep extra whenever the opportunity arises.

Coworkers got me a sympathy gift card for Baker Creek seeds.  Mom would have approved.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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