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The next step's a big one...

The most recent chemo wasn't doing the job. (It took them a while to figure it out because hospital A would only look at hospital B's scans if they were snail-mailed on a CD, even though they could be accessed online.  'Sakes.)  The remaining options all have nasty side effects and won't cure Mom anyway.  So, she's stopped treatment.  Quality of life over quantity.

I think she made a well-informed decision.  And, importantly, she made her own decision.  But this isn't going to be easy.

Doc says without further treament, she has 2-3 months.  Mom, being Mom, is currently handling any pain with a couple of Advil every other day.  She's already contacted the local hospice folks; she can get in-apartment assistance for as long as she wants and then will go to the hospital.

I've been thinking about "lasts" lately.  You're aware of the first time you do a thing, but the last time isn't usually apparent until it's in the past.  Mom's seen her last spring thaw.

I have taken on the task of making a proper quilt top, following a pattern for once in my life.  I chose a simple pattern and hope to take it to Mom at Thanksgiving for critique, and for advice on the binding and all that jazz.

Teslacon provided a welcome, easy break from current reality.  Dinosaurs, music, and history lectures, including a continuation of last year's panel on communicable diseases (you wash your hands more after that lecture).  Head-injury D kindly drove me to his place and back after I'd had my fill of the steerage ball, so I could catch the 2:30am re-air of the DW finale.

Speaking of communicable diseases, most of last week I was sick - con crud, I suppose.  Something the flu shot was not prepared for.  Since I was stupid and kept logging in from home, I didn't actually take much sick leave.

Roof was done a couple weeks ago.  It looks...like a roof.  I'm satisfied.  Haven't been able to pin the roofer down long enough to pay him yet, despite repeated attempts to throw money at him.  This was not on the list of roofing-related problems I thought I might have.

First accumulating snow is tonight; it seems early for this much cold and dark.  Pounded driveway markers into the half-frozen ground today.  Still need to wrap the trees - maybe tomorrow.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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