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food and friends

Contract has been signed with roofer.

I made a "brown forest cake" this weekend - a spice cake, decorated to represent Z's Baraboo acreage:  frosting poison ivy vines climbing a stand of pretzel logs, with other logs in various stage of demise...gummi raspberries, oatmeal crisp cereal, trail mix, and more poison ivy leaves to simulate the forest floor.  The giant raccoon turd (a date covered in black frosting and crumbled cereal) wasn't as realistic as I'd hoped.

After getting that out of my system, I made pizza - one last test of the contest pizza, plus a black bean, mexicorn, and salsa verde pizza sporting 2 whole heads of roasted garlic, topped with mozzarella.  Both went over well with the friends.  Saturday we boardgamed into the wee hours:  Power Grid Deluxe, Russian Railroads, Agricola, and Piece o' Cake.

Sunday I went to Z's (and forgot my wallet).  Lunch, some shop-browsing, some squash-buying (Z paid), and then back to Z's to successfully cut down one of the yard's many widowmakers.  I got to throw ropes; we dropped the tree from a safe distance using one of those emergency saws (a toothed chain with handles) and a rope tied to each handle.  Ate a pawpaw from Z's yard - unable to wrap my brain around something that tropical-seeming growng in Wisconsin.

A coworker died unexpectedly over the weekend.  I worked with him on a weekly basis back when I was on the old team; he was good people and terribly overworked.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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