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more fun with apples

Last night:
Apple cake - a variation on Mom's coffee cake (the one with the cinnamon crumble topping), with plenty of haralson apples.  It turned out well - light, spicey, very apple-y.  No shortage of butter and sugar.  I might use the rest of the apples to make a second cake tomorrow to share with the coworkers.

Roasted veg (carrots, cauliflower, parsley root, onion, ajwain, kala jeera, dill seed, salt&pepper, garlic, grapeseed oil) which I will fold into pasta.
Pork with apples and onions: top pork with sage, thyme, caraway, ginger, and coriander, bake, then drain off the fat, then top with peeled and sliced apples, sliced onions, a can of pinto beans, a little more caraway seed, and a few spoonfuls of sorghum, and continue cooking.

In the fridge:  goat gouda, veg hummus, and carrot-cucumber slaw, for sandwiches.  Also caramel cream cheese, bitter orange spread, and raisinets.

I'm sort of taking the weekend off; Mom's nonstandard chemo appointment left me off-balance all week.  But I did finally call roofers for estimates.  The first one to get back to me is the one I really wanted to hear from.  I got good information from him, and the ballpark estimate is in my budget - just, but he'll do payments if needed.

Tonight, double-header Doctor Who (I missed last weekend's DW while at Mom's).  And hot beverages, possibly spiked with bourbon:  frost warning tonight, and there was a smattering of snow-ish this morning in Madison.

I don't know why everyone's so over-the-moon about honeycrisps; there are so many apples that are better.  I got some sweet 16's for fresh eating along with the haralsons for cooking (I'm out of cortlands and orange pippins now).
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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