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Mom and I purchased a planter of autumn-hardy flowers for my aunt's grave.  There's no stone there yet - just the little stick with the name and photo - and most of the funeral flowers had gone home with her husband's kids, so we had a little trouble finding the gravesite...it's odd to wander around a cemetery looking for freshly-turned earth.  After we'd found her and placed our offering, we visited the old headstone of a friend of the family.  Cliff (buried next door to this stone) stayed with the family in the '30s.  Mom was pretty fond of him; sometimes he gave her a quarter.  Next time I visit, we might try a gravestone rubbing.

The next day we took a Sunday drive:  winery, apple orchard, and a drive through what counts as hills in Iowa.  Fall colors are underway.  We stopped at the odd little zoo at the Osborne Nature Center.  All the animals there are or used to be inhabitants of Iowa.  The owls are housed in corn cribs.

Mom's chemo appointment on Monday was fraught.  Something was up with her kidneys - which we already suspected - but the doc sort of freaked Mom (and me) by wanting to toss her in the hospital to do tests.  Mom barely went to the hospital to give birth; she's not the sort to check in just to get tests, especially if that means she's delayed in starting on the new quilts and misses laundry day.

After some time spent trying to get the doc to explain what she thought was wrong, or why she thought it was urgent enough to warrant a hospital visit, or just anything, we went with Mom going home, with tests to be done at the nearby hospital the next day or two.  Sounds like it might just be a UTI - hopefully that's all.  Mom was feeling great that weekend (not all UTIs have all the nasty symptoms)  so I suspect it isn't anything else.

I got in a good chat with in-town sibling while I was there.  There are family members who don't talk to each other these days; one of my goals is to stay on good terms with both sides of that rift, so communication doesn't completely break down.


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