ersatz_read (ersatz_read) wrote,

steampunk, midwest style

Today we went to the Badger Steam & Gas Engine Club's annual show.  Z and K were there for the whole day; I went for just the afternoon.

This year' guest engines?...were Rumelys, like the ones shown here.  I arrived just in time for the parade.

There were also blacksmiths, a flea market (more interesting than the average flea market), an old-fashioned sawmill with an Archimedes screw to move the sawdust out from under the machine, etc.  I got 3 nice new birdhouses made from the club's scrap lumber, for $5-$10 each.  They were out of screech owl houses when I got there.

It was pleasant, even if it did make me feel inadequate when it came to building things.  It was also hot and dusty, like going to the state fair, but with less animal poop and more kerosene fumes.
Tags: friends, local, steampunk
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