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On Saturday Z, K, and I went to Devil's Lake, a little after 9pm.  It's open for day-visitors until 11pm.  There are no motorboats allowed (except for electric trolling motors, and I've only ever seen one of those).
K bundled up on the beach with some hot cocoa (it was probably in the upper 60s, with a breeze).
Z and I donned lifevests and went floating.  I think we had the entire 360-acre lake to ourselves.

It was glorious.  Between the clear water and the supermoon, we were able to stand in hip-deep water at 10pm and see every detail of our feet.  The vest makes it easy for even the laziest, non-floaty person to just lean back and enjoy the panoramic view.  Or to spin around in circles until you're dizzy - when you stop it looks like the stars are spinning at an alarming rate.

We saw little in the way of Perseids.  But we did see the space station - very bright - and 3 other dimmer satellites.  Based on heavens-above, my best guess is we saw a couple of rocket bodies and maybe Terra.  I'd doubt they were satellites, considering the blinding moon, but once you see satellite motion and the way the reflected light fades in and out, it's hard to mistake it for anything else.

And there was live music, an old-folks-date-night assortment of tunes:  Blue Skirt Waltz, Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree, Blue Skies....  All this means it's theoretically possible that some satellite captured images of me water-waltzing.

It took about an hour for the chill to become really noticeable.  Twenty or thirty minutes later we reluctantly exited the lake.  Then it was back to Z's for warm showers, alcohol, and ice cream.
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