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I'm still unreasonably pleased about completing the toilet rebuild.  I know it's not a big thing relative to other homeowner activities, but it did involve a lot of elbow grease to remove those stupid tank bolts (held in place with rusty hex nuts).  And I've been in a low spot as far as homeownerliness the past few years; I like to think I'm getting a little of my mojo back.

But, that was weeks ago.  Garden's planted, and looks acceptable - if weedy - from my brief glances at it.  The Bantu beans saved from last year look promising - beans are less likely to cross-pollinate than some thing.  The mosquitoes are super-abundant; it might be time for me to invest in some sort of anti-mosquito treatment for at least the half-acre of yard closest to the house, if only for the safety and comfort of people running the gauntlet from the garage to the side door.  The new-this-year front yard bee/butterfly bed also looks good; the hummingbirds approve of the bee balm.

After "resetting" (cleaning) the refrigerator, I am now back to hitting at least one farmer's market every week - mostly the LM market.  The goal is to make it to two markets a week.  The Jenifer street market had no parking and seemed to lean toward product rather than produce; the South Madison market is much more my style.  The hard part is extracting myself from work during market hours, but it will be worth the effort.

I've entered a couple of recipe contests ( and  I do obsess about a contest for a day or two, but I restrict myself to one standard grocery trip, a single test of the recipe, and prizes that seem interesting.  No Facebook contests:  those are about companies adding to their Facebook numbers, and contestants pestering their friends for votes - neither of which has anything to do with the quality of the food.  Within those confines, it's a fun intermittent hobby.  It may well be that nothing comes of my entries - except a well-stocked refrigerator - and that's fine.

We had an excellent gaming weekend recently.  I got to play Caverna again - the forgiving Agricola, for players who don't want to end the game exhausted (yet wanting to play again).  On that Sunday, C came up to visit and we took her to Body Worlds.

Fourth of July was celebrated by helping Z scrape and paint her garage - one in a long list of nitpicky demands from her city.  Then we sat in the alley and watched the neighbors' legally-questionable fireworks display.  They were very polite and entertaining.

I am still getting compliments on the new haircut, despite it being riddled with gray and in need of a trim.

Work continues to take its cut, but possibly my work ethic has been trimmed back to a more survivable level, at least where the job itself is concerned.  I think I'm working fewer hours but getting just as much done:  most of that extra time was just spent fretting, anyway.
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