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May. 26th, 2014

I might find out Tuesday or Wednesday if I should have had something done last Thursday by noon, even though I'm not allowed to finish the thing until after the Tuesday or Wednesday meeting.  Much of last week was like this:  just plain stupid.  If I'd had my act together I would have finished my work last Tuesday and come into Thursday pre-hosed.  For the record, removing changes is never as simple as "just backing out a file"; for the system I work in, certain changes (such as the ones I was making) can't be backed out at all.  But the people who decided the schedule must change assumed we could rearrange our work as needed, and therefore did not need to be consulted beforehand.

Anyway, once it became clear that I could do nothing useful over the weekend as far as repairing the work fiasco, I went to the yard and planted things:  27 tomato plants, 22 chile plants, and a few squash and melons.  This year's garden has no attempted order:  when I have the time and energy, I get something into the ground, and I'm not particular about what or where.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at Z's place up north, building silly boats out of used 6-gallon carboys, used 55-gallon drums, and stuff we found at ReStore.  ReStore was giving away a giant can of corn with every purchase (a semi had overturned; they gave 12 pallets of corn to the food bank but there was still some left over); my hunter-gatherer instinct kicked in and now I have a giant (unlabeled) can of corn which expires in 2016.

By the time the boats were built - or at least ready for some sort of water test - we were too tired to do anything about it.  K spent the weekend making us treats from her Booze Cakes book; we did not complain.  Like the workweek, the weekend was ultimately pointless, but the weekend was pointless in the good way.
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