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I'm certifiable!

Z and I finished a course in Wilderness First Aid this weekend.
I've done the first aid / CPR / AED training that they give free at work (as long as you promise to try to not let your coworkers die...), multiple times; WFA overlaps it a tiny bit, but the guidelines for first aid can be very different when help is hours (or days) away rather than minutes.

It was a good class.  I feel like there should have been more on some of the details, but I know they crammed as much as they could into 2 long days plus homework, and I know it would be much harder for people to attend a 3-day class.  Many of the people were there because they had jobs (or would for the summer) that involved taking groups out into the wilderness.  I was well toward the bottom of the class as far as wilderness/camping experience goes, and as far as how hard I'll likely be leaning on this training going forward, but I am glad I took the class.  In theory I can now pack an epi pen (if provided by a doctor), even if I personally do not have any known life-threatening allergies.  The class came with an information-packed book, which I intend to read cover to cover.

The Black Earth campus of the Aldo Leopold Nature Center is lovely.  No cell service, so for me it was a true getaway.  Rugged terrain, but great buildings with all the modern plumbing amenities.  Plenty of ticks this time of year, though.  Z found a morel, which was surprising since the weather has been lousy:  plenty wet enough, but cold.  This weekend was the first solid block of really good weather this year:  sunny the whole weekend, low 60s on Saturday and just a little cooler on Sunday.

Z got to act as a victim in one of the scenarios, trapped under a pile of bodies.  She acted with gusto.
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