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The early-blooming crocus started blooming last Thursday (April 3).  Daffodils are not blooming yet.  So, bulb-wise, this spring is later than any since at least 2010.  Later by a couple of weeks, but the date does seem to bounce around a lot.

Chorus frogs were singing when I got home tonight; that might be similar to last year.  I'm bad at noticing exactly when they start, though.

Sandhill cranes have been in the area for weeks already.

Anyway, spring is now coming along nicely.  Pretty sure I could have planted the early veg last weekend, but I was busy prepping the septic bed:  smothering the roots of removed trees, digging up crowded daylilies, loosening and evening the ground.  Getting rid of that irritating border of landscape fabric, held down by the previous owner's signature 6" rusty metal spikes.  My Fedco tree (shrub) order should be arriving soon - some go on the uphill side of the septic.  The rest of the septic bed will be planted with bees and butterflies in mind.  There will be plenty of flat rocks, and clumps of loose dirt and roots for ground-dwelling bees to move into.

TimTam cat had a horrible limp late last week.  Took her to the vet - no obvious injuries.  Could have been Picasso being mean; that sometimes happens with cats, and Picasso is a bit of a bully.  So the cats were separated while she healed, and the vet provided meds.  She's walking much better now.

This week I'm making a point of only working 8-hour days.  Which would feel decadent except that I'm too tired to feel very decadent.  Plus there's no way I can stay on top of all the stuff coming in without doing overtime.  But I must have a break of some sort.

In May, Z and I are tackling a two-day Wilderness First Aid class.  It sounds grueling but educational.


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