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In which I create a circular post, linking back to a post that links back to the example in this post.

(Hey,there's no law against writing science fiction poems about extreme composting.)


This is home to me, I roam
From ship to shore,
Endless seas of grass and sails of trees,
And I shall sing and dance and marry a sailor,
And nary an Earthling shall darken my door.

We were a wee bit, a boat
When we began
And poured out the hatch to sunbeams catch,
And the children laughed and shone and the ship sailed home,
Our shell was gone and we broke our bonds and ran.

How hard we fell, look well
Those early years,
When we scraped and starved and died, and shaped
Ourselves to the land, and the wonderful land gave back,
And the bounteous ground ate up our our fears.

We feed each other, willing
We give the death
Our beautiful soil so ours requires,
Our blood will feed the grass and we’ll happily pass
To the ocean floor and give the ground our breath.

And we live no more, outside
They turn away,
They pray for our souls and call us fools,
Those who dropped us here without shedding a tear,
Having eaten their ground, yet still they fear to stay.

They do not know, they hide
And so shall drown
Without purpose, their skins so dry and worn
Shall hold back the last gift, their weight won’t lift;
They deny their home, drained so dry, and so unknown.

This is home to me, I build
The beach and it
builds me, boats of land to sail the sea,
And I shall sing and dance and marry a sailor,
And nary an Earthling shall darken my door.


Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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