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...was last weekend.  Z and C couldn't make it, but head-injury D spent at least as much time at the con as I did.  Saw others we knew there as well, and got in a few games of Dominion before heading over to listen to one of the many bands.

It started on Halloween.  There was a costume ball, but I didn't get to the music area until they'd moved on to techno music.  I'm okay with tecno and electronica and similar sounds, but I usually listen to them while cleaning or working, so listening to it doesn't make me want to dance, it just makes me feel like I'm supposed to be doing something productive.  Screw that:  I was on vacation.

This year I only made one new article of clothing:  a vest.  It turned out well, considering I made it in 5 hours the morning of the con, from a freehand pattern I made by tracing around an existing vest, leaving out the complicated bits, and lengthening it a couple inches.  The fabric is a soft green mock-suede with a rambling pattern of copper and gold flowers.  I really dressed down for this con, usually wearing the vest, a brown shirt and my favorite brown cargo pants, and Skechers.  I did wear a skirt for Saturday, a green-and-copper silk piece that I got off a clearance rack many moons ago; it's a good match for the vest.

I made it to some good panels:  history of women in pharmacy, Victorian-era diseases, Victorian-era death rituals, and Victorian trade cards.  The pharmacist gave us all candy and then electrocuted audience volunteers.  She also had an authentic pill roller; we rolled our own pills using Play-Doh.

Even more Doctor Who (new) crossover this year than in the past.  Clockwork droids from "The Girl in the Fireplace", fezzes, the usual dalek, a rather short Ten, and - my favorite - two weeping angels.  The people doing the weeping angels were great at being very still until you looked away.

Head-injury D and I watched Northfork.

As usual, there were multiple dances and bands.  For once, I made it to some of the dance lessons; I went to intermediate waltz without going to basic waltz, but people were very accommodating.  The main lesson I needed was in not leading.

I don't do the immersion part of the con.  Kudos to organizer Bobbins, because it's possible to have a great experience without it, and an equally great and entirely different experience with it.

Sunday I did not log in to work, and Monday I paid for it.  So, a long week this week.  And 8am meetings, somewhat ameliorated by the recent shift to standard time.


Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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