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New toy

I now own a kayak:  a Perception Sport Pescador 10, in yellow.  I paid considerably less than what's listed on Amazon, and am well pleased:  it's about as low a price as I will ever find for a decent "name brand" sit-on-top kayak.
It's a fishing kayak, which basically means it has a bunch of extra places to put things:  a couple of rod holders (one more than in the Amazon photo), a place to store extra fishing rods, a holder for a can of beer....
That's all on top of the features I wanted - or at least the ones I think I want:  I haven't had a chance to float it yet.
Not unexpectedly, it took me forever to lash it to the roof of the Santa Fe for the first time, with ratchet tie-downs that were too long, and hacked-off lengths of tow rope to secure it front and back.
I went with a sit-on-top because I still have an uneasy relationship with the water and might feel trapped in a standard sit-in kayak.
Plus, they're self-bailing (and I don't mind getting a little wet in return for the safety/convenience - I always assumed I'd get wet).
Plus, SOTs can travel in very shallow water - I could slip into a wetland to observe wildlife (outside of mosquito season).
This particular boat is a seamless sturdy plastic that can take a beating - always wise when I'm involved.
I actually wanted molded footwells because I'm less likely to snap them off.
It has plenty of places to hook or tie things, or to attach a different seat (although the backrest it comes with seems quite acceptable).
In theory, 10 feet will be long enough to track okay and short enough to turn ok.
And it should be wide enough to be sufficiently stable - people fish in these things, use them for swimming platforms, let dogs run around on them, sit side-saddle on them...even I should be able to paddle around a friendly lake in one, and eventually take on the occasional river.
The reviews are good for this brand, although most are for the 12' version.  I initially looked at 12' boats, but they felt like more than I wanted to deal with.
I'm not overly thrilled with the two storage hatches - the bungee'd tankwell would be sufficient.  But the rubber seals are pretty tight; I'd have to be doing something very rough and ill-advised to get the storage hatches to fill with water and scuttle the boat.

I got a 230cm paddle; serviceable for now, but not fancy.
I hope to take the boat out on Devil's Lake sometime this weekend and find out how close I got to my ideal.
Then I will have the option to keep up with my water-happy friends when I wish, and paddle away from the whole world when I don't.


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