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still alive


  • The homemade sour cherry jam is tasty on ice cream.

  • I made bread using a bottle of Southern Tier Imperial Compass ale (contains rose hips), white and wheat flour, yeast, urad dal flour, powdered coconut, and ground almonds.  It is dense but flavorful.

  • I've been mostly sticking to my resolution about buying at least as much produce from farmer's markets as I'd get from a CSA box.  Which means I am constantly behind schedule on food-prep, but I am eating very, very well.


  • The Thai basil and other herbs look good,as do the peppers.  There are tons of potatoes out there that I should be digging up.  Onions and shallots are okay.  Carrots are hanging on.  Harvested my first (yellow currant) tomatoes yesterday.

  • Rattlesnake pole beans are in full swing; 5 bags of yellow wax beans are blanched and frozen.


  • This weekend is the last leg of the conversion-journey.  Repent, customers!  So many things we begged to fix...I swear, we did what we could.  We're still trying to fix things - those of us who haven't walked away in disgust or self-preservation.

  • There are rumors of a re-org soon.  For once, I think we're actually due.  It seems unlikely that a re-org will fix our troubles, but I'm hoping it will at least drop me down to 4 bosses.


  • I might get a kayak sometime soon.  A sit-on-top, preferably the very cheapest of the good ones.  Possibly a Pescador 12.  I'll just troll the sale stuff at the local sports stores; I'm not in a hurry.  There's always Rutabaga, but I'm not looking to go that high-end right now, or anywhere in the near future.

  • Lake Mills art fest was this weekend; I got a small crystalline glaze bowl from Mary Merrill.  Soft green and splotchy, like a beautiful algae bloom, with deep teal crystals bleeding into a black center.  Sadly, the glazes are not food-safe; I prefer practical pottery.

  • The aspects of life that I don't talk about here are a mixed bag:  some good, some deeply frustrating.  Writing is stalled out, for reasons that have nothing to do with writing.  Mom is still doing well.

Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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