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SSS #1

Today's "steampunk scheming soiree" went well.  A sewing-guru friend also turned up, and kindly removed the sleeves from the chocolate twill military-style jacket I'd just bought , then showed me how to tuck things just so, to add that extra little bit of room at the arms and get things to fit better against my rather hilly features.  Amazing what that little tuck did.... 

Also on the list to mod:  my off-the-rack ren fest vest (which I am unlikely to wear again) will be cut down to a sturdy-enough waist cincher.  Instead of lacing through the grommets, I wanted to do something different.  Not cufflinks...not tie tacks...ah!  Stove bolts!  They work surprisingly well, are very inexpensive, and I'm pleased with the look.  One does need the shortest possible stove bolt, though.

The sleeve cuffs will be turned into...something.  Spats?  Epaulets?  Gauntlets?  Part of the sleeve fabric will probably end up on the back of the jacket, adding to the slight bit of flounce at the base.

Still pondering the rest of the outfit, but pleased with the progress so far.  My goal is to have something beginner-presentable for Teslacon in November. 

Meanwhile, Z's head is filled with mad-scientist thoughts.  Z. actually has the patience and skill to make use of clothing patterns.

I cooked dinner, too.  Vegan and gluten-free, for friend with restrictions.  I like a challenge. 
The menu was polenta with chia, red lentil tomato sauce, and vinegar-sugar 'slaw.  Also a basil, garlic, and Greek yogurt puree (with some other seasoning), on the side for those wanting it.
It all seemed to go over well, and the leftovers will see me through the first few days of the week.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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