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Apparently I can identify a tick (adult) by its footsteps on my skin.  Distinctly different than a spider, mosquito, ant, etc.
And, some part of my brain is alert enough in the depths of post-yardwork exhaustion to wake me, while hinting through dreams that I need to remove a thing - a message that isn't sent for the average spider, or even the average cat.  What's less clear is whether any poppyseed-sized tick nymphs have been on my person, un-noticed; if the Lyme disease test were more accurate, I'd consider getting it done on a regular basis.

The tick repulsed me but did not surprise me:  it was an aggressive yardwork session, with much wading through and crawling under foliage.  There was a stiff breeze keeping the mosquitoes at bay, but I still could have applied some DEET.  Although permethrin is apparently the better tick repellent, it is also toxic to cats (attacks their liver) - which is why you should never use dog-safe repellents on cats.

In other news, I'm covering for teammate while he takes an overdue vacation.  Suddenly I have half a dozen meetings every day.  Which leaves precious little time for doing actual work.  I did make time for cooking dinner tonight, though (even if it was 9:30 before I ate):  coconut green curry and noodles, with onion, carrot, garden-fresh peas, and sprouted tofu.

The garden is doing okay, considering the general neglect and the ever-increasing shade from the two trees I have yet to fully kill.  There's been plenty of rain here (14" last weekend in Boscobel); beans all look good, and my precious Thai basil, holy basil, and fenugreek are all looking good.

The sour cherries will be ready to harvest in a few days.  At least two trees have immature plums.  The yucca is even blooming, after a decade of wildlife eating it to the ground.

The week before last I visited Mom - we toured the countryside in search of good fabric shops.  I bought many fat quarters, for a couple of questionable ideas.  The weekend was spent with friends;  we swam, bonfired, weeded, chatted...it was a good weekend.  Z and I tried out sit-on-top kayaks, in a pouring rainstorm, with maybe a little thunder; I think Z's word for it was "co-idiocy".  It was pretty wonderful.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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