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Ahh. A good, home-cooked meal.

I've been trying to revive my cooking mojo, specifically my veg-cooking mojo:  an abundance of fine produce will be available soon, and I promised to spend lavishly at the farmer's markets this year.  After a late escape from work, I stopped in at Yue-Wah to acquire interesting and tempting groceries.  At home, I took care to cook the ingredients separately, to avoid the vat-o-mush effect.
First, chop and fry 12 oz bacon (bad for the body, good for the soul), remove most of the grease, and set the bacon to one side when it's done.  I used Fud brand bacon.  Add some brown mustard seeds and a large sliced onion to the pan; add a little water to raise the tasty bacon bits from the bottom of the pan.  Then add a pound of sliced carrots (mostly pre-cooked in the microwave) and some fenugreek.  Move all that off to the side with the bacon, and the next item to hit the pan is a big armload of yu choy, chopped. Salt, steam, and stir, until it's wilted enough for the bacon-onion-carrot pile to be added back in.  Start water boiling for somen.  Add some Berbere spice to the baconated veg.  Add some ginger-infused balsamic vinegar to keep things bright; stir.  Add a can of baby butter beans; stir gently.  Somen's ready; drain.  Add white sesame seeds to the baconated veg.
Serve witih a spoonful of tamarind-date chutney.
Good times.  The dish was spicy-warm with a bit of sweetness, and laden with vegetables cooked exactly as much as I preferred and no more.
Yeah, it was 9:30 before I ate dinner, but it was worth it.  I'm already looking forward to leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


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Jun. 5th, 2013 04:45 am (UTC)
I love bacon so much!
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