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no thanks, I make my own Mondays

I worked from home today, but otherwise it was a normal workday:  six IM's open at the same time, lots of random questions, and I didn't get nearly as far on project doc reading/research as I'd hoped.  Well, tomorrow is another day.

Some of the spinach has started to bolt - "Emu" spinach is still holding on.  Plenty of kales still going (Wasabina has bolted already, but I knew it would do that - it's still worth it).  Peas, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, peppers, parsley...all coming along nicely.  Carrots limping along, turnips mostly a failure.  So, my standard gardening successes and failures continue:  no time allocated to breaking new ground this year.  I still need to finish planting about a third of the garden; it'll happen eventually.

My sister and her daughter visited briefly this weekend.  The last time they visited was during deer season, and the hundreds of carcasses sticking out of trucks and hatchbacks traumatized them so thoroughly that it was over a decade before they were willing to retrace their path.  It was a good visit, and excellent incentive for house-cleaning.  Digging down through the archaeological layers of filth from the 2+ years of depression has been...interesting.  For someone used to recalling all the emails she ever sent or received, finding possessions I have no recollection of acquiring is unsettling:  what else do I not recall?

In fact, the house is so much cleaner that we've decided to have a party this weekend.  Gaming, for housemate's birthday.  Might end up being a small turnout, but there are still many good games we can play.  Maybe housemate has some new ones to familiarize himself with before going to work at Origins the following week.
Friending welcome, but lurking is fine too.

Constructive criticism is also welcome - whatever it is, trust me, I've heard worse.



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