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I gave three full days of "knowledge transfer" (two Thursdays and the following Tuesday) to a nice assortment of business teams.  It was deemed important by the IS PTBs (and rightly so), but not important enough for the allocation of measureable time (boo).  I spent time on it anyway, and got a lot of good out of it in return:  knowledge transfer, when done right, is a two-way process.

That's been the highlight of work lately, as it was slightly less rushed and disorganized than the project work, and more subversive and more satisfying.

In the middle of that, I drove to Mom's (and got lightly rear-ended), to take her on a birdwatching boat trip on the Mississippi.  It was windy so most of the wildlife was tucked in for the day, and the rest had abandoned the flooded islands, but the tour delivered on its promise of active eagle nests.  Mom had a good time; we hit a few fabric shops along the way.

I saw both eldest and youngest brother while in the area.  Introduced eldest brother to Agricola:  All Creatures Big and Small; he was impressed.  He gave me 2 cans of toasted coconut beer from his recent trip to Hawaii.  I managed to drink one; if you could set beer on fire and then beat the flames out with an old shoe, I think this would be the result.  With the aid of rye flour, yeast, garam masala, and ginger-infused balsamic vinegar, I turned the other can into a couple decent loaves of bread.

Can't complain about the weather:  regular rain, not quite too damp currently, no local schools demolished by horrid huge tornadoes, and we seem to be safely past that "last frost" point.  The garden is well on its way:  I've harvested my first salad (spinach, kales, parsley) and a hefty bunch of asparagus (despite never getting around to weeding); peas are perking along.  I planted beans yesterday, along with tomato and pepper plants.  I still need to prep the beds for the herbs (fenugreek, basils (sweet, holy, and Thai), papalo, epazote...).

It's hard to get a good look while I'm driving, but I believe the pair of sandhill cranes nesting in the ditch next to the dog park have hatched their chick(s).  Totally exposed on a low mound of grass...what must they go through when the weather's bad....

I continue to show signs of being properly out of the years-long depression that no one else seemed to notice (I cover well, and bury myself in work as I wait out the mental slump).  Now if only I had a few years of vacation in which to clean up the debris field....
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