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Went up to barado6 again on Friday, as soon as I could extract myself from work.  Spent the evening drinking tawny port and tokay out of a hollow Cadbury chocolate bunny, then we went on a starlight trek into the woods.  Got kinda lost, got whacked in the eye with a rebounding twig (no major damage, just a warning to be less stupid in the future), then we sat very quietly on a fallen tree.  Heard something moving around; we think deer.  I think most of the wildlife was scared away by our noisy stumbling through the underbrush.

Saturday was more fun with trees, saws, and ropes.  And a "business rake" (thatching rake, very handy for removing layers of debris).  The "widowmaker" tree refused to fall downhill despite a deep notch in the suggested direction - too much weight from uphill branches - and instead fell toward the saw so we couldn't remove it (we were full of cautionary tales this weekend).  I finally made use of my trailer hitch - the trailer hitch I just had to have "because I'm a homeowner and I'll want to haul things" and haven't touched in nine years, and that eventually caused my turn signals to short out when the hookup for the trailer fell down onto the exhaust and melted - we threw the rope around a half-fallen tree, tied it to to the Santa Fe, and pulled the tree down.  Well, partly down; then I did some old-fashioned manual pulling to twist it off the tree it was hung on.  Which released the saw, unharmed, and the tree fell (uphill) in such a way as to provide an excellent perch-with-backrest about six feet off the ground.

Then Z took me to Little Village for goat cheese appetizer and yummy burritos.  The deer were frisky and abundant yesterday - I think they too are a little drunk with the idea of spring - so I tried to keep an eye out for them on the drive home.

Today, back to my own homestead.  Instead of trees, I must tackle dishes, laundry, and the much-delayed taxes.  There's yardwork to do, too, and I'm eager to do it.  I might sneak out and plant some early snacks in a thawed corner of the garden.  But despite the relative warmth, we still have snowpiles in the yard, and tomorrow is another cool-down.

I am still in need of some stay-at-home vacation:  time alone, time in the yard, etc.  Hopefully will take a day or two this week.
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